My vision from above can help you to understand and accept everything as it is. I Am the Voice of God and my task is to unfold His thoughts to you: I manifest them through waves of light, of sound or through imaginational rays

Metatron is the metronome of the universe!

He rules the highest Sefira of the Tree of Life – Kether, the Crown, the Pineal Gland – the Apix of transcendance, the Ineffable, the origin of all the lights which fill the other Sefiroth.

He corresponds to the three experiences of Faith, Bliss and Will.

Essence of Metatron

When can this essence support you?

….when you’re experiencing a dark time in your life, where everything becomes an obstacle, you feel like you’re loosing confidence in yourself and in the Divine.

…when your creativity seems struck or faded: to gain access to your spiritual channel and contribute to be meaningful in the world

…when you feel that you’ve lost your rhythm, you feel less flexible, blocked or without enthusiasm

…when you’re living a time of confrontation with Masculinity (in real life or symbolically)