Sussurri Alati

Editore Edizioni Alvorada
Anno Pubblicazione 2020
Formato Libro – Pagine: 214 – 20x20cm
EAN13 9788899280505
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Meeting an Angel is similar to meeting God "face to face" and being penetrated by his vibration of light is like becoming part of a creative design.This book wants to be an instrument of self-knowledge, of gratitude towards these celestial Creatures and of observation of the different energies that cross the 365 days of a year. We can observe what happens in us or around us and better seize the opportunities that vibrate, transforming, day after day, the most dense and unpleasant emotions and situations into new possibilities for growth. Maria Gabriella Crisci has a background in English and French and two specializations in Consumer Psychology and Transactional Analysis. She worked for about 20 years in qualitative market research, founding a research institute. He always keeps alive the flame of spiritual research, deepening both the matrix of Christianity - Franciscan Spirituality Three-Year School - and the mystical current of Judaism, Kabalah. From the age of 45, wanting to move towards a profession of helping people, she enriched her training with studies and became a Counselor at the address 'Body, Mind, Spirit', Family Constellator and teacher of Constellations, Aura-Soma® Teacher at AS.I.ACT (UK). Gabriella is the author of numerous articles for Angelology, Personal Growth, Health and Wellness magazines. Together with her husband Giovanni Limonta she founded, in 2011, the Association AL CENTRO of personal evolution, of which she is president. Since the fall of 2019, she is dedicated to spreading the Vibration of Archangels and Angels thanks to a deep contact with these Beings of Light.


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