Essenza di Camael

la reggenza dell’Arcangelo Camael è  dal 3 settembre al 13 ottobre


è di sviluppare  Accettazione

per ciò che è,

non identificandoti con ruoli o emozioni,

aprendo il tuo cuore alla GIOIA e portando Luce

a tutte le tue cellule


the World of Emanation

Spirit of FIRE

“Rise, get up and go! Immortal, shining and blazing steed of the Angel of Sun, of the Spirit of Fire, climb over the mountains and light up the World! “

(Essene Gospel of Peace)

Silent Prayer and Meditation are our two Wings that allow us to touch the Level of Creation, the original impulse that has been infused in each of us and which constitutes our Divine spark, our soul Essence.

At this level we can draw on the Energy of FIRE to bring it in our daily Life, restoring Meaning and depth to our every thought, word and action.

“My soul longs to expand into Divine Knowledge, do not confine me in cages – be they of matter or spirit – … all Creatures and all peoples are my friends ” (Rav Abraham Izhak Cook)



the World of Creation

Spirit of the AIR


“We venerate that holy Breath which is above Creation, we venerate the truest wisdom “(Essene Gospel of  Peace)

We are in the World of Thought and Ideas, the alchemical crucible to create our Reality, in connection with the Real.

The mental level is connected to the overcome everything that limits and conditions us (beliefs, illusions, justifications) and prevents us from Transformation and Evolution.

“Think well and it will be well!” (Baal Shem Tov)

We have two cerebral hemispheres, each of them is precious and indispensable for our psycho-physical well-being.

Symbolically they represent our ‘duality’, the sense of separation that connotes the human experience.

When we meet the Briah level of Awareness it means that our inner work of Purification is at a good point. It allows us to access the doors of SYNCHRONICITY, which open towards a COMPASSIONATE and unified Knowledge (Sefira of Da-at).

To harmonize our hemispheres, the practice of the Chant in the ancient, originary languages ​​of Light (Hebrew, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese, Aramaic) is like a balm that heals the soul.


the World of Formation

Spirit of WATER

“The waters flow from the celestial sea and gush from the infinite Springs”

(Essene Gospel of Peace)

The element of Water is always ready to change, to adapt, to flow, to create new shapes and directions: it contains within itself the secret of intelligence and feeling.

We are in the World of Emotions, of Feelings, of the ability to relate to ourselves and others. It’s illuminated by the Light of the Moon and by the ability to reflect, fully involving our Will, to generate Love and Compassion.

“The immersion in water softens my body, makes me soft,

it dissolves my inflexibility, it allows me to choose who I want to

be, when I will emerge from the waters of the Mikvé “

(poem read at a Jewish Ritual Bath)



the World of Action

Spirit of the EARTH

“We invoke the abundant Earth that presides over Health and happiness

and that protects all its Creatures. From the Earth the Lord produced medicines that the Sage will use “(Essene Gospel of Peace)

“From my flesh I will have the vision of God” (Job 19:26)

We reached the level of Manifestation, of MATTER, breeder of all Forms.

The Body is the temple for our Spirit, the house of our Soul and our 5 senses are the access doors to the surrounding Reality, on which we can intervene with Wisdom and Love, collaborating to the Divine Plan.

Our physical Body is the tool that allows us to remain present and connected to the earthly dimension, while being constantly inspired and guided by the super-sensitive World.

Knowing oneself presupposes a basic knowledge of our body, of its reasons and primary needs, so that Well-Being would always be part of our life.

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