I Am the Archangel Raziel, Lord of Knowledge, He who knows all the mysteries of Creation and the creatures of every World. Find Your Place, and Nature will reveal you her secrets

Every day Raziel proclaims his secret of secrets, and his voice echoes around the World for the ones who will listen: Wiseness is the comprehension of Knowledge, which enlightens the intellect. It’s the condition of the “absence of judgment”.

The wise ones are humble and they can cry for Joy

Raziel Essence

When can this essence support you?

…when you’re living in a transitional phase and you’re looking for your ‘new skin’: it helps your alignment to co-create a new stability

…when you feel that there are too many urges from the World and you can’t integrate them because you’re not connected to Nature; you experience anxiety or fear

…when you feel that you’ve lost your spontaneity, self-confidence or intuition and you’re searching a support to express your talents and tune in to your deeper nature